Yesterday was The SHPiEL’s first meeting of the semester.
I sat at the head of the table, Doug at my left and Jeremy Attermann at my right. Doug seemed lost without Josh and Dan there. But, that may have been because he was watching the Giants game on his iTouch. It was a little strange, though. Looking around the table and not recognizing a quarter of the people was interesting. Illuminating.
Mmm, fire and light seemed to be the theme of the meeting (the theme of life?). Yonah kept talking (we conference call’d him for some staticky, motivational words) about lighting a fire under our asses. This led me off on a brain tangent along the lines of hemorrhoids, but no one else had to know that.
I know this is our goal. But I only think I know what this means. Maybe I only started to understand it yesterday when I looked around the room at all these freakin Jews and thought how not really any of them would ever step foot inside Chabad or Hillel. Yet, here they were. All approximately 20 of them. Yes, 20. This number excited me, anyway. Oh and Ben. That Ben. He’s gonna be great. Zak looked nervous, which is good. It means he respects us. Right? Or he thinks we’re a roomful of cracked-out lunatics, which is also fine.
I’m excited. Exhausted already, but my ass fire is burning.