Good Shabbas
Gut Shabbas…

BH It is a beautiful day, the light is everpresent,
and there is much to be joyful for.
Go in blessings, and enjoy….

The Friends & Friends Collective on Myspace…

Listen to the sweet sounds of your favorites by this fantastic Blue-grass-roots collective of entities Mamash to the highest elevate God’s divine light to the heavens:

“I Truly Understand”
“Miss Magnolia”
“Paper Planes”
“Ahavah Olam”
“Tiger Mountain Peasent Lilly Farm Josh Song”
“You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere cause Taylor won’t stop playing this song”

Coming soon!

“Freebird in key Banjo/Mandolin minor”
“The Whole Book of Exodus to Bluegrass Funk”

Peace and Blessing to you all,
Mamash to the Highest,
and Best Wishes,