In a room, oh, in a room
I will leave it all up to you
we have things and we have room
we can give and grow and swoon
In a room, in a room
I will sit and you can stand
you will sing and I will dance
I will fall, you can crack,
you will laugh and laugh
and I will laugh and laugh back
In a room, oh, dear, in a room
there will be painted walls
and a bright lights covered
with thin scarves and runes
and rings on my fingers
and rings in your eyes and things
to throw and books to read
and time to live and die
and write about it all
In a room, oh, in a room
we’ll breathe and beg
and eat and never wear shoes
and I’ll sing someone else’s song
in someone else’s voice and will
will the words to be mine for you
and you’ll hate me and I you
but not really, never, just something
new to do in a room