In Sanskrit, the word for a tree, Paapadapa, means “Foot Drinker”

Paapadah meaning “foot” and the prefix (although I think it would really be a postfix…but I hate grammar so I don’t care. Suck on it Zochanot, haha) -pa meaning a (blank)-drinker…

Memorable quotes from H.O.H.:

“Knowledge Reigns Supreme! Bump that track down and start a new jam…Yea, yea I can kick this. I can spit to ANYTHING! Transcend your body!!!”
-The Honorable KRS-1

“Man, I was so fucked up…I WAS FREAKING OUT man… I ran through the tents and got lost and got to my tent and was so scared I just took my knife and slashed through the front to get in, Fuck…”
– Our Tent City Styx Neighbor (S-2 MAKE SOME NOISE!!!)

“I live all my life for, and around, and being, so that some day I can hopefully get my hands on some of those big, fat, beautiful huge titties…Suck my dick hoe”
– Our Neighbor over yonder in Whiskey Ranch at 4:32 in the a.m.