well, ex-journo girl as of an hour or so ago, according to inside sources…

Small Town Newspaper Intern Canned For Plagiarizing New York Times

how embarrassing…

and for that, here are the top comments from the site:

“Plagiarism lesson: Write for years, get a NYT column, win a Pulitzer and THEN start stealing from people. Kids today just don’t want to put in the time.”

“I dunno. The sunglasses do it for me. I am incapable of feeling sympathy for someone who wears those face uglifiers.”

“Have you plugged the Talese interview into Google and seen if it matches up with a 10-year-old Playgirl interview with Tom Wolfe or something?”

“That was stupid. Don’t they make those kids in Florida watch Shattered Glass?”

“That Talese interview sounds really, really made up. Like… seriously made up. “

“You might want to switch your major now that the gig is up. Do you think they offer a B.A. in Hipster Grifterism?”

and a not-so-funny comment, but an equally important one:

“One of the passages she stole was from a writer’s first-person account of what it was like when his own daughter died. That’s a level of wrongness beyond plagiarism, and beyond unforgivable.”