We’re fighting an impossible war now, David, with very determined adversaries.

And as with Vietnam, this is a fact: the American Army kicked ass and took names.

But they lost it because the politicians paid attention to the hippies and dippies and shippies; they were so afraid that they would lose their positions of power because of a all of this, so they basically cut the line, they left the soldiers out in the lurch.

I’ll never forgive our leaders for that. I will never, ever forgive LBJ, Nixon; all the others that basically cut and ran. What they did was, they turned their backs on the soldiers, and if that happens in Iraq: SSDD, my boy, Same Shit Different Day.

It’s not a question of who wins the war, it’s a question of whether Afghanistan will be able to stand on its own.

And what’s happening again is that Obama and his political advisers are not paying attention to the military people, saying this is what we need to carry this thing through; we need to kick ass and take names on the ground.

With the Tet Offensive – the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese they took a holiday, they used it to infiltrate into South Vietnam, thought they would kick their ass (the North Vietnamese) — what you read here wasn’t that.

My guys that I had in Ku Chi — they busted their balls 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And they went in harms way again and again, and to come back to America and have the hippie, dippie assholes throw bags of dog shit on them. I saw it.

“Don’t wear your uniforms, wear whatever civilian clothes you can find. We don’t want any problems at the airports, so don’t cause any trouble with the students.”

What a hell of a way to treat a soldier. Now, we’ve had all these magnetic stickers on their cars, and whatever; they’re getting blown up, shot up, who cares … American life goes on, America’s life continues.

When I’ve had the chance, I’ve thanked them for their service. Well, nobody ever thanked me for my service. And that’s okay, I accept that. But these young men, these young women … they are over there risking there risking their lives for an America that doesn’t give a shit.

Like a fool, I volunteered for Vietnam. And okay, that’s fine, but David, don’t you sacrifice your life on the alter of patriotism for this nation. Because this nation doesn’t fucking matter anymore. They’re a bunch of shitballs.

And I know that doesn’t matter. But I don’t have any trust, one single iota of trust in a politician or the people of this nation. Because I think it’s a nation of fucking sheep and cattle.