Sinclair Serenade 0:35 Brian Harnetty & Bonnie “Prince” Billy

Dead Alive 3:47 Kurt Vile

Vessels 1:42 Freelance Whales

Remember A Day 4:33 Pink Floyd

Green Jacket 3:15 Atlas Sound

Ten-You-Us 3:34 Andrew Bird

Night And Day 1:27 Art Tatum

Astronaut 5:05 Beach House

Quicksand 5:10 Lotus Plaza

Ol’ Man River 1:18 The Beach Boys

The Be Colony 4:32 Broadcast and the Focus Group

Poseur 2:15 Jeffrey Lewis

Left It Alone 3:50 Banjo Or Freakout

Elephants 4:44 Warpaint

What Would I Want? Sky 6:46 Animal Collective

Into You 3:03 The Cinematic Orchestra

[Binary Fission]