“What I know about the dreamachine :

Except Burroughs and Gysin, few people speak about it, because it has not been really explored yet. According to Marylin Fergusson, “The Aquarian Conspiracy”, it would increase abilities of people to solve problems. According to Brion Gysin, it develops the knowledge of the hidden aspects of things.

What is it all about exactly ? When someone passes an electroencephalogram in a hospital, he is submitted during a short time to such intermittent light flashes, to register the alpha waves. In this context, it is not called “dreamachine”, but “electroencephalogram”, but it is the same thing. Doctors use it everyday, the only thing is they do not know about the dreamachine, and never wrote anything about its effects, except at the electrical and bio-chemical levels.

Brion studdied its effect at another level, the inner vision.”