“The moral implication of the traditional teaching that God created the world is that creativity, or the continuous emergence of aspects of life not prepared for or determined by the past, constitutes the most divine phase of reality.”

-Mordechai Kaplan

“It is [man’s] ability and authority to help in determining the course of events, to cooperate in the workshop of reality [which puts him on a level with divinity].  It is his training in his world-vocation, the demand upon him to be a colleague of the demi-urge in the creation of the world. For, the creation of the world is not completed so long as he has not fulfilled his creative function in it. But he procrastinates; he is not ready; he is not standing on the summit of his humanity. Humanity must first be fulfilled in him. The creative work which is incumbent upon him in the world terminates in self-creation, in the fulfillment of his ethos.”

-Nicolai Hartmann

“Creation means the realization of the ideal of holiness. The nothingness and naught, the privation and the void are rooted in the realm of the profane; the harmonious existence, the perfected being are grounded in the realm of the holy. If a man wishes to attain the rank of holiness, he must become a creator of worlds. If a man never creates, never brings into being anything new, anything original, then he cannot be holy unto his God…Creation is the lowering of transcendence into the midst of our turbid, coarse, material world…”

– Joseph Soloveitchik