This Sunday Rav Menachem Froman, the rabbi of Tekoa, held his weekly class on the Zohar and afterwards we were all treated to a concert by Ehud Banai (a former student of Rav Froman’s and popular singer in Israel).  The Rav is quite sick now and the concert was held in his honor, to give him strength and healing.  This is a clip of Ehud Banai singing הנשמה לך והגוף פעלך, which means “The soul is Yours, and the body is Your handiwork​, have mercy on the fruit of Your labors.”  I nearly lost my shit watching Rav Froman during this.

I truly feel that Rav Froman is someone who lives and breathes these words of Rav Kook with the entirety of his being.  So if you’re into the whole praying/sending blessings/thinking positively/loving all that is for the sake of another, please keep HaRav Menachem Yehoshua ben Leah Raizel in your thoughts and actions.

When these love-possessed people see the world, especially living creatures full of quarrels, hatred, persecutions and conflicts, they yearn with all their being to share in those aspirations that move life toward comprehensiveness and unity, peace and tranquility.

They feel and know that the nearness of God, for which they yearn, can only lead them to joining themselves with all and for the sake of all.  When they confront the human scene, and find divisions among nations, religions, parties, with goals in conflict, they endeavor with all their might to bring all together, to mend and to unite.

With the healthy instinct of their noble souls, which soar with a divine thrust above all confinements, they feel that the individuals need to be enhanced, that the best of societies must rise to greater heights, and to enter with all the affluence of their individuals into the light of a universal life.  They want that every particular shall be preserved and developed, and that the collective whole shall be united and abounding in peace.

-Rav Kook