i love the way the sky can remind us that we are so small and beautiful

that we ripple and move with color and with sound

and that our perspective is our position

and that we have come

from a place


i enjoy myself best when i am giving as freely as possible

in all my favorite ways, how i choose

and still so lovingly open

and still so honest

to the world


i have burned up as i have fallen from my place of high-minded hot air

working against the wind to no avail, losing fear

and all that does not serve me

and all that is no use

to remain


i forget to forgive myself and then i spit into the wind while screaming

at the top of my lungs about my important misconceptions

and all the ways i hold me down

and all the foolishness i am

the joke is truly


i have seen me brilliant and known me warm and felt me strong

by the way that i have totally surrendered

despite the warning indications

despite the threats

and felt so


i go to great lengths to force myself to make great gains piled high

toward the bizarre extravagant excessive Americkon

and quickly vomited what i ate

and realized i had gorged

then slept for days



enough to remind me

that i am in love with this life and all

every bit that it puts in my face and feeds me

is nonetheless a wonderful medicine, a work of art, ironic, funny

even though i sometimes struggle, i later fly like i was born to, and laugh laugh laugh

at all the ways i run away from myself to find myself right there

waiting all along throwing mirrors head long down

an endless tunnel like a strange prayer

until i am exhausted and

drift into dream