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Been sittin’ on this stuff for too long now. The second installment of Orchard Recordings features Jake Marmer‘s Jazz Talmud with the Ayn Sof Arkestra, some Hasidic New Wave from the East Village Radical Jewish Music Festival, Julianna Barwick enchantmentness, a quick dose of Andy Statman‘s basement sessions, a slow dose of Rashanim,  the newborn mandolin-tabla duo of Joey Weisenberg and Sameer Gupta, a damn cute acoustic group The Relatives and, again, the teaching and soaring faciliated by Rav Raz Hartman.

There tracks are pretty raw, and I hope you’ll forgive me if my off-key chords chime in once or twice too often. Most of the track names are completely made up and probably do not reflect the artists’ intentions. Having said that, it’s a pretty accurate representation of my musical world of late. Now, it can be your musical world, too.

Enjoy, in joy.

[Download] Orchard Recordings, Vol. 2 — Part 1Part 2