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Lordy, Lordy, sounds soooo holy. Here presented is volume four of the Orchard Recordings. As usual, the compilation is anchored by some of the wildest wordless nigns composed of late, brought down from the One and Only by the one and only Joey Weisenberg. These particular nigunim were sung by Joey’s Spontaneous Jewish Choir at Mechon Hadar in celebration of the release of his book, Building Singing Communities, and accompanying album of original melodies. The man is truly tapped in: The final track on in this collection was composed by Joey minutes before the celebratory gathering began.

Recorded at another release party, this time at Joe’s Pub, Alicia Jo Rabins sings the forgotten tales of some fine-ass biblical women from her new Girls In Trouble album, Half You Half Me.

Again we’ve got a knee-slapping smattering of goodness from the Jalopy Theater out in Red Hood, Brooklyn: The Relatives, Willy Gantrim and African-banjo player Essau Pwelle all lend their souls and strings to this volume.

In a special treat, we’ve got Regina Spektor reading from David Bezmozgis’s (Jewish-)Russian-turned-(Jewish-)American-experience novel, The Free World. This, along with some of her solo crooning and duo-work with Jack Dishel (of the Moldy Peaches), was recorded at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe, a fine establishment with a long history of Banjo-K certification.

Sprinkled throughout are bits of bliss, wisdom and praise captured in the streets, tunnels, offices and rooftops of a certain Grand City. These, too, compose The Orchard.

[Download] Orchard Recordings, Vol. 4Part 1, Part 2